Twitch Trainer

Great for anyone, any age and skill level.


“The Twitch Trainer is by far the best swing speed training aid I’ve ever used.”- Cameron McCormick


Twitch Trainer impact features


60-Day progressive training regimen

Condition the body and swing connection with Twitch Movements — a 60-day progressive training regimen designed to reach and ingrain new, efficient, powerful patterns.


Dynamic design

The Twitch Trainer’s dynamic design allows for both resistance and speed training.


Levers and impact zone air resistance

Strengthen the big muscles with levers and impact zone air resistance.


Air resistance removal

Remove the air resistance and allow for momentum and lag to accelerate the swing, producing greater speed at impact.


Unique movement patterns

Train deceleration with unique movement patterns.


Produce those higher club heads speeds in no time and order now!


Twitch Trainer

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