Ranking confirmed by ELDA Master of Ranking

How the points system works

Every competition run under and sactioned by the "European Long Drive Association" (ELDA) will be granted points.

Minimum of players per competition is 8.

Calculation of Competition Points:

Base points for every competition is 500 points

Points from number of players is 30 points per player

Points from number of Top 8 ranked players is 50 points per player

Points from number of Top 9-16 ranked players is 30 points per player

Points from number of WLD Top-32 ranked players is 50 points per player

Top Player Boost (depends on "top-player / player ratio") is factor 0.95 - 1.15

Outdoor competition is factor 1.0

Indoor competition is factor 0.8

National or invitational competition is factor 0.8

Standard competition or tour event is factor 1.0

Championships is factor 1.1

Tour Final our European Championships is factor 1.2

Prize Money Boost (depends on "entry fee / extra money/winnings [like WLD-spot] ratio") is factor 0.95-1.15

Competition points cap is 3,000 points

The Master of Ranking will estimate the number of 4 weeks prior to the event latest.

After the registration deadline the confirmed number of points will be announced.


Points are granted as follows: (example points for a 3,000 points competition)

Winner: 16,67 % (e.g. 500 points)

Runner-up: 13,33 % (400 points)

3rd place: 10,00 % (300 points)

4th place: 8,33 % (250 points)

Tied 5th place: 5,83 % (175 points)

Tied 9th place: 2,50 % (75 points)

Tied 17th place: 0,50 % (15 points)

Longest Ball: 2,00 % (60 points)

Ranking will be updated after every competiton.

Year 2019 is from "clean table".
In 2020 there will be starting points, 50 % worth of 2019 points.
In 2021, 50 % worth of 2020 points and 25 % worth of 2019 points.

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